Wine Cork Openers

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Lot of bottle wine comes with a cork and opening of this cork has been the major challenge for people as several means have been used such as using a spoon, heating it up, slapping it, and some with the use of a bike pump.

Some people have quit drinking bottle wine because of the stress they have to undergo before drinking. You don’t have to be pissed off, and there is no need for you to quit drinking bottle wine sealed with cork, as the use of wine bottle opener can help you Pop a Cork without passing through stress.

Wine cork opener

This is a tool that is used to remove cork from wine bottles.

Types of Wine Bottle Opener

Waiter’s Corkscrew

This is the preeminent and common tool used to pop a cork. It is a handy device which makes it the choice of most bars. It has a handle and a worm which are responsible for easy opening of the cork.

Twist-Style Corkscrews

This type of cork opener permits the user to move the screw of the corkscrew deep into the cork and this result in the rising of the component of the corkscrew called the lever. The moment the lever reaches its limit, it shows that the cork can now be removed by just pressing down the levers.

Butterfly corkscrew

This is one of the common wine bottle openers and this is because you can find it in many homes. The opener is furnished with a corkscrew that is joined to a frame. When in use, the corkscrew on the frame will turn upward when twisting the cork and you can easily remove the cork by just pressing down the corkscrew.

Cork pop

This cork opener works with the use of a long needle. Just insert the long needle into the cork on the bottle wine and this will lead to the discharge of pressurized CO2 which will drive the cork from the head of the bottle.

Electric Wine Corkscrews

This doesn’t require much human effort as most of the work is been done by the electric opener. Just place the electric cork opener on the cork of the bottle wine and press the button on the device. After pressing the button, the opener will automatically add pressure to the cork therefore pulling it and releasing it from the bottle.

Standard Screwpull

This is a stretched bottle wine cork opener which is furnished with strong handle that twists the cork, pulling it up a bit so that the cork doesn’t need to be pulled out


Each of the listed cork openers above has different application and this is why you must know the unique style in which they operate if you decide to use any.