Wine Chiller Buying Tips

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There are a wide variety of wine chillers just as there are wines. Getting a good wine chiller that best fits your needs can be challenging sometimes. Wine chillers are essential in today’s wine-crazy world. Either or commercial or home use getting the best or your needs is always paramount when we go out to buy one.

The Size

The first thing to take note of is the size. Where do you intend to place the unit. If there is enough space for you to place it, then it’s better to choose a larger chiller or maybe a cellar. A cellar is about 150 cubic feet. But in the case where space is limited, and you only need it for home use then you can just get a compact wine refrigerator which can actually accommodate just enough bottles for occasional guests.

Average Temperature

The average storage temperature of a wine chiller is important. The type of wine, the purpose o the wine chiller, and frequency o use are tips to consider about the temperature of the chiller you intend to buy.  Most wine lovers know very well that red and white wines are best to be cooled to specific temperatures if you really want to enjoy it. For red wines 55-60°F / 12.7-15.5°C average temperature are just fine, while for white wines 49-56°F / 9.5-13.3°C average storage temperature will do just fine.

UV Rays

This is an important consideration you should keep close when buying a wine chiller. UV (ultraviolet) rays can be harmful to wines. So endeavor to check if the wine chiller has solid protective doors to filter the rays out. Such refrigerators also provide a more stable temperature because it traps all the cool temperature in. The downside here is that you won’t be able to display your exquisite wine bottles.

The Cost

Pricing is the next consideration to have. What is your budget like? How much are you willing to put out for a wine chiller of your choice? Wine chillers like every other commodity out there comes in various ranges of prices. You will find that single bottle chillers are inexpensive but if that won’t serve your needs then you need not go for it. If you need it for commercial purposes then a single bottle chiller won’t do.

These tips are important If you want the best rv wine chillers that will serve you well. Use them for the next wine chiller you want to buy.