Why Extreme Diets Don’t Work – Starving Is Not The Key To Weight Loss

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It is obviously a myth that you need to eat less to lose more weight. Here are some facts to show you why some of these diets are bad for you.

beyond diet extreme diet I would never go for a diet plan that doesn’t allow me to eat till I feel satisfied. Mind you, I wouldn’t overeat on a diet, but that doesn’t mean I’d starve myself.

Most of the diets you hear about make you eat less so that you can lose some weight. Well, if you have always been eating a healthy amount of food, all you will lose is your mind. Also the more you restrict yourself, the temptation to cheat on your diet is greater.

A good diet plan such as the Beyond Diet online program is one where you feel satiated after a meal and happy that you’ve eaten healthy.

Diets that say that eating less is the key to weight loss are the ones which will make you starve later on. We are all looking for ways to become slim as soon as we can, but we ignore the well known fact that quick weight loss is never permanent. In fact you’ll start putting on weight even more rapidly after you stop the diet.

Extreme diets are not something your dietician would recommend. They are usually followed by people looking for shortcuts to a slimmer body. But that’s about it.

There is no guarantee that you’ll feel fit after one such diet. Hence it is important to know what is wrong with these starvation diets. Limiting the consumption of certain food groups is fine, but if a diet requires you to completely cut down on anything, stay away from it.

Everything is good in moderation, even pizzas and ice-creams. Because you see, unless you are going to cram in a whole pizza or a pack of ice-cream meant for four people by yourself, nothing could really go wrong.

Extreme dieting is bad primarily because it makes you cut down on food groups which give energy to your body.

You need to first choose your diet plan properly. If you have an active lifestyle, I don’t see why you should even think about dieting; but if you do, please select it wisely. In this case you don’t need to eat less, you just need to know what to eat and at what time.

For example, your metabolism slows down towards the evening hours.

So you will have to make sure that you don’t munch on anything sweet or oily. And as far as possible, keep your dinner early and light. An extreme diet may not even allow you to eat anything after your lunch.

Probably just a bowl soup or something of that sort. Such diets will encourage you to live off fruits and vegetables, but seriously, how could you? You are expected to give up carbohydrates, sugar and fats for an entire week.

A typical low calorie diet will tell you to avoid milk, meat, eggs and potatoes. A healthy one will require you to consume all of them but in a rationed manner. This makes it impossible for you to even workout at the gym because you’ll be lacking the energy you need.

If you keep repeating a crash diet, it can affect your heart health in the long run. There is loss of heart muscle due to excessive calorie cutting which causes breathing problems and poor blood circulation.

Also our metabolism needs the essential nutrients to keep or body going. If you miss out on those, then there is a risk of excess weight loss and loss of trace elements in our body which can sometimes disable you. Deficiencies caused by the lack of the essential trace elements can harm the brain.

Crash dieting is just a fad and hence unsupervised by dieticians and doctors.

People who follow these diets usually keep their doctors in the dark about their weight loss techniques.

A clinically approved diet will make your metabolism work hard and digest reasonable quantities of food at a time. This is why you are made to have 5-6 small but meals every day. Starving destroys your metabolism because there is hardly and food to digest. This weakens your body and makes you susceptible to diseases which directly attack your immunity.