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Trash Can Tips you Should Start Using Today

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A trash can is an indispensable tool in your home. But, you must put in the necessary measures to ensure that the waste doesn’t stink and make hard it around for everyone to hang around. Here’s how to do it.

Recycle as Much Waste Possible

This is a no-brainer, right? The problem is, you may not know how efficient this technique is until you try it out. While you may not have the recycling capacity at your home, you can always drop recyclable waste at a community collection center. Some of the items you don’t need to put in your can include plastic grocery bags/containers and cereal boxes. The idea here is to reduce that amount of litter that goes into the trash can.

Find a Better Way to Get Rid of Food Waste

One of the reasons your trash can is likely to produce an awful stench is because it contains too much food waste. Whenever possible avoid throwing leftovers, potato peels, onions or any other food material into your trash can. Food waste rots pretty fast, and it’s only a matter of time before it starts to stink. If you have to throw this kind of litter into your can, be sure to place it in a plastic bag and seal the top.

Make use of Baking Soda

Let’s face it; reducing the stench your trash can generates can be a tall order. Even when you find a way to dispose of the food waste, other litter may still smell. However, with some ingenuity, you can still contain the stench. One of the best (and efficient) ways to do is to use baking soda. Be sure to sprinkle baking soda say twice every week to reduce the smell.

Place the Trash Can at the “Right” Locations

Your garbage can will indeed attract animals such as raccoons and bugs. You should, therefore, be careful with where you place it. Ensure that it is secure from invasion by animals. Place it far from your house’s entrance to prevent flies and other insects from getting into your living space. Consider enclosing the area where you plant your trash can with wire mesh to deny animals any access.

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