Three Ways To Endear Yourself to Your Kids

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Loving your kids is more than just telling them that you do, but also entails how you treat them. Sometimes you may not be in a position to buy everything that they dream of, but it is the small things that matter. As a parent, you know better what suits them best and what can make their life worthwhile. The following are simple ways to endear yourself with to your kids.

Invest in their education

One of biggest gifts that a parent can give to a child is education. Giving them a chance to get a formal education makes them sharp and good decision makers. They need to know how to communicate, socialize and engage in productive economic activities. You should, however, not force them to follow certain routes. Some parents only want their kids to engage in white collar jobs like doctors or lawyers. Such parents always despise other careers that involve talent like sports and performing arts. If you failed to realize your dreams to become a doctor, do not force your kid to achieve them for you.

Let them have enough play

Playing is an important ingredient towards a child’s growth. You should set some time from your busy schedule and get down to your kids’ level and play. Teach them some new tricks and let them win and boost their confidence. Buy them toys and games that motivate them to be active and creative as well. Set new challenges and motivate them to work harder by giving them presents. Ensure that they are always safe when playing alone with their toys. You can buy a baby gate that ensures that they do not touch cords or enter the kitchen while you are away. You can read more about how to select a good baby gate that suits your needs.

Be a role model

The decisions you make in life have a direct impact on your children’s life now and in the future. You have to lead by example and show them how to live a life with a purpose. You cannot tell them alcohol is bad while you are a full-time drunkard. Sometimes you must sacrifice your time and resources to give your loved ones a good life.

Parenting is a challenging task that requires patience, sacrifice and perseverance. Sometimes you can go against your kid’s wishes but in good faith to secure their future and make it brighter.