How to Increase your Instagram Reach

How to Increase your Instagram Reach

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One billion users visit Instagram every month. The numbers are mind-boggling, right? They sure are. And, you can take advantage of this massive network to market your brand, with the aim of getting more potential customers, creating a loyal community and so on.  Here’s how you can squeeze more out of your content, on and off the platform.

Get More Followers

Yes, this is no brainer, but it deserves mention all the same. You will not increase your reach on Instagram unless you have the numbers.  See, your content is likely to get more love if you have 500,000 followers as opposed to an audience of 1,000.

And, you don’t have to struggle to get people to follow you. Consider using services such as Social10x to help you grow your audience quickly. You can go to to learn how to boost your growth and engagement on Instagram.

Cross Promote your Content

Cross promoting your content to other social media networks is perhaps one of the easiest ways to increase your Instagram reach. And the beauty of it is that Instagram allows you to publish to the likes of Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

The trick here is that you should cross-post everything. The last thing that you want is for your social feeds to look the same. Be sure to promote your content on platforms such as Pinterest as a way of diversifying from the obvious.

Claim your Instagram Account on Pinterest

Speaking of Pinterest, you need to claim your Instagram account to establish a strong link between the two platforms further.

And, you can do so in a couple of seconds, gaining access to helpful analytics regarding the engagement level of your Instagram content across Pinterest.  More than that, claiming your account comes with brand content attribution, which means that you can direct your Pinterest traffic to Instagram.

Double-dip Instagram Content on your Website

You don’t have to go through the hassle of using wishy-washy stock graphics and photos. You can opt for some of your more appealing Instagram images instead.

Compile your best photos to allow you to get more mileage out of your Instagram content. More than that, this strategy provides an excellent way to introduce your followers to your social feeds.

Of course, the ripple effect is that you will drive more traffic to your blog while attracting long term readers at the same time.