Grow hair faster with some simple techniques

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According to medical sciences, hair is not a vital part of the human body. But it plays a major role in enhancing the beauty and providing an elegant look. It plays a key role when it comes to styling and personality. The beauty industry has a separate area for hair care, hair advice and treatments. The most common hair problems faced by many people are hair fall and hair damage. From dandruff to stress, there are many reasons for hair fall and hair damage amongst men and women.

In olden days, people spent a lot of time and effort in hair care regime. But the modern lifestyle, increasing pollution level and undue stress has made hair fall a common problem. The cosmetic solutions that people opt for, to fight hair fall, has only caused more damage to the hair. In order to obtain quick results, people resort to chemical treatments. But it is always better to choose natural remedies to fight hair fall problem.
Here are a few hair advices to grow hair faster.

Tips to grow hair faster

Healthy diet: A balanced diet, that is rich in proteins and vitamins, helps to grow hair stronger faster. Foods such as milk, fish, egg, fruits and vegetables are a must in the everyday diet routine. Vitamin E and zinc deficiency results in hair loss. And so care must be taken to adequately supplement the body with these vitamins.

Oil massage: Massaging the scalp with hot oil can increase the blood flow and help hair growth. More over it keeps the scalp well moisturized and prevents dry flake condition. Oils like olive oil and castor oil that are rich in vitamin E can be used for head massage.

Avoid stress: Stress deters hair growth. It is important to practice meditation techniques and follow good exercise routines to reduce stress.