Is Buying Twitter Followers Worth It?

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Online marketing isn’t all rosy. It takes lots of planning to make any meaningful gains. Look at Twitter, for instance. You have to get lots of followers to propel your brand to the next level. And it isn’t always easy. But, you can buy followers. The biggest question, however, is whether purchasing followers is worth the effort. To give a straight answer to this question, YES, buying Twitters follower makes perfect sense and here’s why.

It Improves Your Credibility

The thing is, it doesn’t really matter how you got your followers on Twitter. As a rule of thumb, the more followers you have, the better your credibility. In others words, buying followers and help create the trust you want for your brand. It will also increase your influence. Besides, just like any social platform, it’s all about numbers.

It Can Help Trigger Natural Growth

You’re likely to attract more “natural” followers if you have as few as 5,000 bought followers on Twitter. You see, the idea of buying followers in the first place is to create what is known as social proof. You want to catch the attention of your potential followers. Think of it as a way of kick-starting your campaign on the right footing.

It Saves You Time and Money

As stated, gaining actual followers is no joke. At the same time, having low numbers means that you have to wait a little bit longer before anyone starts to notice you and your brand. You certainly don’t have that time unless you spend your entire day on Twitter. And even if you do, it will still take you months if not years to get as little as 10,000 followers. The point is, buying followers will significantly reduce the time it takes for your brand to take off, saving you money and your precious time in the process.

…there a catch though; you have to buy your followers right.

Because gaining follower on Twitter is essential for businesses and brands, there’s a host of services promising to give you what you want, fast. The problem is, unless you’ve had some previous experience with a specific provider, it is easy to get scammed. At, for example, there’s a detailed exposé about Tweepi, a Twitter automation/bot service that doesn’t seem to deliver what it promises. On the flip side, however, the website recommends other proven services that will help you grow your Twitter following with a short time. Check it out.