Gifts Kids Will Love

Birthday Gifts Your Kids Will Love

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Kids love birthdays and parties, but especially gifts. Here are 10 gift ideas for you to consider for the special child in your life whose birthday is just around the corner. Best of all, they will be easy on your piggy bank:

–One. Art supplies. Just about every kid likes to create and get their hands on new ways to do it. If you’ve ever visited the arts and craft aisle in your local supermarket, you’ll see that there are all kinds of art supplies to choose from. Some you may never have thought about before, like glitter paint, neon markers, black paper with special markers, markers that change colors, paint-by-numbers, kits for making pottery, beaded jewelry, and birdhouses. The possibilities are almost endless. If you can find an art camp to have your child attend, he or she can put all of the new supplies to make lots of creations. It’s hard to see the difference in art camps at first glance, but they’re apparent once you do a little research online. Some camps focus on painting, while others focus on music or drams. The arts cover a myriad of options.

–Two. Books. Most kids love books. You would think that they get enough of them in school, but give them one for their birthday and watch their faces light up. You can find books that talk or have other interactive features, so the choice is all yours.

–Three. A DVD of a classic film. As you know, sometimes a classic film made long ago is often better than the fare offered today.

–Four. Tools. A tool kit is the perfect gift for the older kid who’s good with his hands or has a creative side.

–Five. Beads. There are many things older girls can do with beads besides making necklaces. They can be attached to purses, clothing, books, jewelry boxes, and dozens of other things.

–Six. A lot of little budding chefs like to spend time helping adults bake in the kitchen, so why not give a child a baking set complete with oven mitt, rolling pin, cake mixes, and cupcake tins?

–Seven. There isn’t any adult activity that a kid won’t try, and this includes gardening, so give a gift that will nurture any little green thumb. You can use a new pail for the gift basket. In it put seeds, small bag of potting soil, and gardening tools.

–Eight. A camera is almost irresistible to a child, so give a disposable camera as an extra special gift this time around.

–Nine. A gift basket. In it put a bunch of trinkets, from play money, to play dough, to toy makeup or jewelry.

–Ten. Time. This is the most important gift to give a child that is special to you. You can arrange a play date at the park, the zoo, or museum, or just staying at home coloring or reading a book.