How BEE Certificates Are Calculated

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BEE certificates represent a legal necessity for companies willing to conduct business with governmental agencies in South Africa. The certification will not affect your business operation in any given way. It will not cause any changes either. Instead, it represents a specific level of recognition. The certificate is given according to some evidence. It must be renewed once a year. But before applying for it, make sure that you know what kind of levels you can achieve and how they are calculated.

Becoming familiar with BEE scores

There are nine scores or levels, ranging from 0 to 8. The lowest one is null. Aside from it, the eighth score is the worst, while the first one is the best. The score is calculated according to the qualifying scorecard points. It determines the procurement recognition level. A company with the first score has a solid 135% recognition level.

At a first glance, all these numbers might not seem too significant, but they can underline the quality of your business when about to deal with a governmental institution. Every new year can change the rating score. You need the update the certificate yearly, so find out what it takes to increase your rating.