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The Top 5 Ultimate Sports for Teenagers

The Top 5 Ultimate Sports for Teenagers

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Do you have a lazy teenager at home that only sits behind his computer and hardly leaves the house unless it’s to see his friends, and who knows what they are doing when they hang out? Perhaps it’s time to make him/her select a sport so he/she can work on his/her condition. Here are five sports and I’m pretty sure one of them should be interesting enough to make a choice.

Let’s start with soccer

This is obviously the most popular sport among the youth and let’s just assume for the sake of easy writing that we’re talking about your son so I don’t have to use the “he/she” writing every time. Soccer is a great team sport and it’s an easy way for him to make some new friends, it only takes two nights a week and some matches every Saturday so it’s not like it’s going to consume all of his time and probably he will love it.

Basketball – another great candidate

When I was young I loved to play basketball with my friends out in the schoolyard. I wasn’t much of a soccer fan so maybe your son is just like me and prefers this instead. You can always sign him up for a few trial lessons to see if this is what he likes, after all, if you choose a sport he doesn’t like it would be more of a punishment instead of a relief.

How about tennis then?

Same as basketball I loved to play tennis and it’s more exhausting then you might think, it’s also a little more expensive so if your budget allows for it then this is the one you might want to suggest, or you can simply discuss all the sports that we mention here with him.

Martial arts for more confidence

Maybe your son doesn’t want to go on a sport because he lacks confidence and isn’t interested in making new friends, either because he is shy or because he is content with his current friends and lifestyle. There are many fighting sports to choose from, just visit the London Fight Factory and you’ll see what I mean, whether it’s judo or karate or anything else. Plenty of choices and they offer trial packages as well.

Last but not least, swimming

If he’s a water rat then this is the obvious choice, it would provide him with a great workout as swimming is one of the most intensive sports out there that train your whole body, especially good if he’s slightly overweight as the pounds will fly off in no time.