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Working Out Without Going to the Gym

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Perhaps you are lazy, perhaps you are shy, perhaps you don’t like to go to the gym for completely different reasons I haven’t thought of. Well, good news for you then as here’s a list of home gym equipment under $150 item. Making it affordable for everyone that wants to get started but found some reasons not to do it. Don’t we all?

A home trainer

Home trainers are awesome and come as cheap as eighty dollars or something. If you’re heavily over-weight I would look into a more expensive model though as the real cheap ones aren’t very sturdy.

In case you don’t know what a home trainer is. It’s pretty much like a bicycle, with different settings to increase the weight on the pedals, like you’re cycling up a mountain. It can get boring so many producers added a bookstand to the steering wheel so that you can read while cycling.

A spinning bike

Spinning bikes come with a heavy flywheel that weights from 13.5-22kg. At least for the models, I used to sell in my shop. Because of this heavyweight and because of the advanced settings this makes for a very intensive work out where you can put the resistance so high that you truly feel like you’re cycling up a mountain.

Most spinning bikes are priced at around $200 but you can definitely find more affordable models at approx $150. Still I’d recommend you spent a little less on the home trainer and a little more on the spinning bike so that you can really utilize it to the max.

After 15 minutes on the spinning bike you’re probably exhausted so then you can step on the home trainer and complete your work out there.

An inversion table

You might want to start out with this one before you start doing your other exercises as it prepares your body for the heavy lifting. Once your spine has been realigned you will prevent injuries on the spinning bike and the rowing machine.

Inversion tables typically cost $120 so that’s well within our limited budget. If you’ve never been on an inversion table before I can tell you it’s quite an experience so don’t skip out on this one.

A rowing machine

Rowing machines are awesome though they are usually a little more expensive you can do fine with one of the cheaper modules. For an optimal workout, I suggest you start on the inversion table, then loosen your muscle on the home trainer for 10 minutes, 20 minutes heavy work out on the spinning bike, another 15 minutes on the home trainer to relax a bit, and complete it with 10 minutes at the rowing machine. That’s about an hour of workout and later on, you can increase your time on the rowing machine as this is one of the most intensive workouts and definitely requires you to be in good condition.