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Twitter: Which Tasks Need Automation?

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Twitter is all about advanced interaction. It is all about being on a platform that allows you to share different kinds of information with other people who then “follow” you. You also get to follow other people that are relevant to your objectives on this platform.

Twitter has transformed itself from being just a social site to a place where you can get traffic to your website or blog and increase conversion. If you are an internet marketer, you know the real benefits of such a platform. You know the benefits that come with numbers, and you know what proper conversion does to your business.

There is just one problem – expanding your Twitter network using manual means is not such an easy task. It involves hard work and can be time-consuming. If you are looking to build a following on Twitter without the need to spend all your time on it, you only have one solution – automation.

Automated software, also called bots, come with several features that allow you to build a following quickly and safely. Here are the features:

Auto Scheduling

This feature allows you to save time through scheduling of your tweets. All you need to do is to write the tweets at once and then schedule them for posting later on. You also decide when the tweets are posted so that you don’t have to do everything manually. The bot handles everything for you.

Auto Follow

This attribute allows you to follow many people with just a single click. The bot allows you to stick within the daily limits so that you don’t look suspicious.

When it comes to auto-follow, you can decide to follow via keyword as well. All you need is to enter a keyword, and the bot will find all the people that subscribe to the keyword.

You can also program the bot to follow those that follow you. These include the people who are promoting the same product or those who are connected to your keyword in a certain way.

Auto Unfollow

You can use the program to remove those followers that are inactive automatically. You can check out to read more about each bot and the advantage it offers.

In Closing

Twitter will give you leverage over your competitors if you use it the right way. Finding and following thousands of followers manually is a tough task. This is why you need a tool that will help you do everything quick and easy. Automation makes everything fast and less strenuous on your part.