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Trash Can

Trash Can Tips you Should Start Using Today

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A trash can is an indispensable tool in your home. But, you must put in the necessary measures to ensure that the waste doesn’t stink and make hard it around for everyone to hang around. Here’s how to do it.

Recycle as Much Waste Possible

This is a no-brainer, right? The problem is, you may not know how efficient this technique is until you try it out. While you may not have the recycling capacity at your home, you can always drop recyclable waste at a community collection center. Some of the items you don’t need to put in your can include plastic grocery bags/containers and cereal boxes. The idea here is to reduce that amount of litter that goes into the trash can.

Find a Better Way to Get Rid of Food Waste

One of the reasons your trash can is likely to produce an awful stench is because it contains too much food waste. Whenever possible avoid throwing leftovers, potato peels, onions or any other food material into your trash can. Food waste rots pretty fast, and it’s only a matter of time before it starts to stink. If you have to throw this kind of litter into your can, be sure to place it in a plastic bag and seal the top.

Make use of Baking Soda

Let’s face it; reducing the stench your trash can generates can be a tall order. Even when you find a way to dispose of the food waste, other litter may still smell. However, with some ingenuity, you can still contain the stench. One of the best (and efficient) ways to do is to use baking soda. Be sure to sprinkle baking soda say twice every week to reduce the smell.

Place the Trash Can at the “Right” Locations

Your garbage can will indeed attract animals such as raccoons and bugs. You should, therefore, be careful with where you place it. Ensure that it is secure from invasion by animals. Place it far from your house’s entrance to prevent flies and other insects from getting into your living space. Consider enclosing the area where you plant your trash can with wire mesh to deny animals any access.

That said, if you’re looking for a trash can, visit for more info on trash cans and a closer look at some of the best units on the market. Most importantly, you get to learn what each unit has to offer.

Scientists Studying Genetics May Have Discovered New Diabetes Treatment

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Diabetes is a medical condition that affects more than 29.1 million people in the U.S.

People with diabetes don’t produce enough insulin on their own, leading to high blood sugar. Current treatment for diabetes is oral medications and injectable insulin, which often leads to wide swings of high and low blood sugar, sometimes leading to hospital stays.

But scientists studying genetics may be close to discovering a way to help diabetics and reduce their need for insulin injections. A genetically modified skin graft has been shown in the laboratory to protect mice from developing diabetes. These results suggest the same grafts could be used to help human patients who already have the disease.

Xiaoyang Wu and his co-workers at the University of Chicago use CRISPR gene-editing to alter the components of the gene GLP-1, which acts to decrease hunger and regulate blood sugar by stimulating the release of insulin, removing excess glucose from the blood.

Their edited GLP-1 gene was grown into skin grafts, both from mice and humans, which were then placed on the bodies of mice.

The experiment showed the gene was able to produce stable hormone levels for a period of three months. For patients with diabetes, this might suggest an appealing alternative to frequent insulin injections.

Wu says this technique can easily be adapted for use in human treatments. Skin grafts have been used for years to treat patients suffering from severe burns. He also suggests this may have uses in treating other types of disease.

Timothy Kieffer, of the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, Canada, says, “I do predict that gene and cell therapies will ultimately replace repeated injections for the treatment of chronic diseases.”

In the future, CRISPR gene editing may produce drugs to help fight obesity, assist in successful organ transplantation, and treat cancers. This gene editing allows scientists to easily turn on and off different genes in the human body, giving them more information about how genetics plays a part in disease.

Scientists are also using this technology to alter the genetics of plants and animals, creating crops that are more resistant to drought and disease or more muscular animals, both of which may produce more food products. Minnesota-based company Recombinetics has produced a herd of hornless dairy cattle, reducing the need for farmers to remove the horns of their stock.

CRISPR gene-editing technology will continue to increase scientists’ understanding of human genetics and produce alternative treatments for many conditions. Visit to learn more about human genetics.

Gifts Kids Will Love

Birthday Gifts Your Kids Will Love

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Kids love birthdays and parties, but especially gifts. Here are 10 gift ideas for you to consider for the special child in your life whose birthday is just around the corner. Best of all, they will be easy on your piggy bank:

–One. Art supplies. Just about every kid likes to create and get their hands on new ways to do it. If you’ve ever visited the arts and craft aisle in your local supermarket, you’ll see that there are all kinds of art supplies to choose from. Some you may never have thought about before, like glitter paint, neon markers, black paper with special markers, markers that change colors, paint-by-numbers, kits for making pottery, beaded jewelry, and birdhouses. The possibilities are almost endless. If you can find an art camp to have your child attend, he or she can put all of the new supplies to make lots of creations. It’s hard to see the difference in art camps at first glance, but they’re apparent once you do a little research online. Some camps focus on painting, while others focus on music or drams. The arts cover a myriad of options.

–Two. Books. Most kids love books. You would think that they get enough of them in school, but give them one for their birthday and watch their faces light up. You can find books that talk or have other interactive features, so the choice is all yours.

–Three. A DVD of a classic film. As you know, sometimes a classic film made long ago is often better than the fare offered today.

–Four. Tools. A tool kit is the perfect gift for the older kid who’s good with his hands or has a creative side.

–Five. Beads. There are many things older girls can do with beads besides making necklaces. They can be attached to purses, clothing, books, jewelry boxes, and dozens of other things.

–Six. A lot of little budding chefs like to spend time helping adults bake in the kitchen, so why not give a child a baking set complete with oven mitt, rolling pin, cake mixes, and cupcake tins?

–Seven. There isn’t any adult activity that a kid won’t try, and this includes gardening, so give a gift that will nurture any little green thumb. You can use a new pail for the gift basket. In it put seeds, small bag of potting soil, and gardening tools.

–Eight. A camera is almost irresistible to a child, so give a disposable camera as an extra special gift this time around.

–Nine. A gift basket. In it put a bunch of trinkets, from play money, to play dough, to toy makeup or jewelry.

–Ten. Time. This is the most important gift to give a child that is special to you. You can arrange a play date at the park, the zoo, or museum, or just staying at home coloring or reading a book.