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Bean Bag Chairs Have Come a Long Way and Budget Tips to Buy Them

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The material and filling that go inside a bean bag chair are as important as the appearance of the chair. If you ever make a customized bean bag chair, the time of their service and quality depends on what goes inside.

What is the bean bag?

The most cost effective bean bag chairs have plastic bead filling that keep shifting their position sideways when a person sits on them. This also makes for a comfortable seating and is one of the most affordable options.

Manufactures are also making eco friendly fillers by recycling the materials and using them as fillers. Bean bags that use plastic bead fillers need to be replaced every time the bean bag goes flat. The more expensive varieties use bouncier materials that do not flatten easily due to wear and tear.

How to customize bean bag within a budget

  • Memory foam or bits of foam used as a filler in a bean bag lasts for a longer time
  • This could be cost effective because you don’t have to spend on refilling the bean bag
  • Though foam used as a filler is durable it is not as comfortable as the plastic fillers
  • A bean bag filled with foam is also not easy to move around
  • It is more expensive than the bean bag with plastic filling
  • When customizing a bean bag, you can also use chair fillers that you find at home
  • DIY fillers are eco friendly and cost effective
  • There are many options used for fillers, such as, feathers, popcorn seeds, uncooked rice, etc
  • You can also reuse foam from old cushions and mattresses to fill bean bags
  • Since, these items are easily perishable, keep them handy when the bean bag flattens

Size and fabric of bean bags

Bean Bag Best sells all types of bean bags. Smaller bean bags come in a greater variety with regard to design, patterns, colors, and shapes. Large varieties of bean bags have a conventional shape. For game rooms and informal seating arrangements, bean bags are a good choice. A jumbo sized bean bag can accommodate more than two people.


These are the tips to keep in mind, while choosing a budget for buying a bean bag. Since, the creation of bean bags they have come a long way. Now shapes, designs, and fabrics are experimented with to come up with the most offbeat variety of bean bags.